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Phycoerythrin is a major light-harvesting pigment of red algae and Cyanobacteria. It is widely used as a fluorescent biomarker and as an analytical reagent. It can be easily cross linked with antibodies and other proteins by using conventional molecular tagging techniques without losing its fluorescent properties.
Phycoerythrin has been shown to be particularly useful due to its large absorption coefficient and great fluorescence properties just as the high quantum yield and high stokes shift. Phycoerythrin fluoresces in a spectral region that is distinct from the region of emission of the simple organic dyes commonly used as fluorescent indicators. Other applications of Phycoerythrin include:
Design and characterization of light-sensing elements in biosensors.
As a reagent in proteomics and genomics and form the basis of the detection system in Affymetrix chips (DNA microarrays).
As a fluorescent labeling reagents thus helps in HIV monitoring and cancer diagnostics were a strong driving force for the growth of this reagent.
As a powerful multi-chromophore protein-labeling reagent.
As a second color , it works well with fluorescein-labeled antibodies.
1 A566/A280 > 4.6
2 A566/A280 > 3.0

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