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About Us
Hash BioTech Labs Private Limited was founded in 2007, under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Vikrant Sandal - an Oxonian and alumnus of the Säid Business School and of Hertford College, Oxford University.
Hash BioTech Limited was created to further research in the area of biotechnology and to present to the world, a set of premium biotechnology concepts. The company has a clear mission to address critical issues facing the world, especially in the areas of food and energy security. It is actively engaged in the development and production of microbiological compounds and molecules towards these same ends. Hash Biotech’s existing research portfolio comprises: genetic modifications and optimisations of various micro algal strains for the bio-energy, pharmaceuticals, neutraceuticals, medical diagnostics, food & beverages, cosmetics and pigment industries.
Indeed, the company logo is an attempt to be representative of the cyclical nature of life, and which is one of the founding thoughts for its formation i.e. Algae created the atmosphere we breathe, millennia ago and at Hash, we believe that it will be instrumental in redressing this balance of nature. It’s our endeavour to go back to this building block of life and find solutions to current global problems. Hash BioTech’s Logo, with its swirling arrows portrays the karmic nature of existence and the return to fundamental solutions in a technological era.
Building upon a strong foundation of a unique culture collection, a team of distinguished world renowned scientists and the state of the art research lab, Hash BioTech is gearing up ready to carve a niche in the global micro algal industry.
Inheriting the spirit of innovation and creation from its founding companies, Hash BioTech believes that the technological advances of the 21st century will guide the way to a meaningful future. We therefore present the following products & services to you.
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