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Situated in The City Beautiful, Chandigarh Hash BioTech Labs Private Limited, is a group company of the Hash Group. Hash BioTech is the product of decades of multifaceted research efforts of distinguished bio-scientists, who have been engaged in exploring solutions to complex human problems by utilising the basic building block of the life: Algae. Driven by Product Innovation and High Quality Standards, Hash BioTech has successfully developed numerous technologies, ranging from mass cultivation of various alga to the purification of PhycoBiliProteins. Research is currently underway in the areas of Bio Energy, Bio Pigments, Bio Fertilizers, Bio Cosmetics, Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals etc.
Hash BioTech is proud to present a fine selection of superior quality products including PhycoBiliProteins, Nutraceutical Health Formulations, Astaxanthin, Stevia & Jatropha The company also provides highest grade Certifications in the field of Biotechnology, in association of IIMSAM. Hash BioTech depicts a distinctive amalgamation of Social Responsibilities and Business Ethics; as we share our wealth of knowledge with the people who are fighting for survival everyday. We support and lead various programs in developing countries to fight against social problems like hunger, malnutrition, poverty and unemployment.
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